CrossFit H-town is a high energy, no-nonsense, competitive facility that is your alternative to large commercial gyms. We are the leaders in the industry. We focus on relationships with our students, building community, service that exceeds your expectations, and program design that helps you reach your goals faster. CrossFit H-town is a gym that caters to people who want to work hard to raise their fitness levels and reach their health and fitness goals. When it comes to training, we do the things that work, period! Strength and conditioning are the staples of our programs. We also train with a wide variety of non-traditional training tools and styles that are very effective and fun.

Whether you are a world class athlete or someone who just wants to get into shape, CrossFit H-town is here to help you.

Our staff is comprised of Doctors, Nurses, Marines, Police, and Firefighters. We have the most educated staff in the city and we dare you to compare.


Our facility also comes equipped with showers.




You CAN be small and POWERFUL

H-townies, Let us introduce you to Breanne. She trains with TeamHouston. I trained with Coach Tim Swords out of his garage. Fantastic, High level International USAW instructor. What I want to point out is that this little lady is 4'11", 110lbs, does 170 lb snatch and 225lb Clean & Jerk. Does she look bulky? You can be small, strong, and powerful all at the same time. Great job Coach! Now go put some weigths up and down


Memorial Day May 27, 2013

May 27th is Memorial Day. As such, we always honor Michael Murphy.   "Murph" is an annual event H-town has been doing for the last 3 years.  The gym will be open for anyone from 9-11am only. All regular classes are cancelled. As such, this is a free day.  We will meet, come together not only as Coaches and athletes but as CrossFitters, to take on the hero wod "Murph". You can expect this to last about an hour.  

Not only that, I invite you to donate to either the Michael Murphy foundation or to a another fundraiser like MDM Fundraiser. Both benefit a lot of great causes.

Murph on H-town!


Remember your first day?

Do you remember the first time you walked into H-town? You probably had a little bit of anxiety. Thought to yourself, "I am new, no one knows me, and I don't know what I am doing!".  All of sudden, someone walks up and introduces themselves, "Hi, I am (insert any name)". Wow! Different gym.  How about now?  Quite the opposite, I am sure. Our H-townies reached out to you, met you, offered techniques that worked for them, and shared a sweaty wod with you.  While the anxiety might still exists, it's usually due to the upcoming wod. Now H-townies know who you are, and you feel more comfortable doing the complex movements. 

In the last 3 months, H-town has added over 100 new athletes to our family.  Take the time to reach out to our newest members and welcome them.  Remember, it is so much more impersonable for them to say "Hey dude! Wake up!", when you are laying on the floor.  

We are Fitter:Together.




The Maltz

Last friday, we held our Annual Maltz Challenge.  Team members from HPD,  S.W.A.T., DEA, Sheriffs Dept, HFD, along with CrossFitters and H-townies gathered to throw down. We had over 100 people in attendance!  In just 2 years of H-town hosting, the group has doubled in attendance each year. We are so proud to host this and thank you to all the H-townies who came out to support.  The Torched Grill provided breakfast and even Channel 2 made a stop to film.  I look forward to next year and even bigger and better event.  


One of our Own

One of our very own H-townie, Juliana, recently competed in a bikini and fitness model competition. As you can see from the picture above, she crushed it!  Juliana lives a lifestyle of fitness, healthy eating, CrossFit, and helping others to achieve success.  Being in one of these competitions takes a lot of effort and dedication. We are proud to call her one of our own.  Keep rocking the success Juliana. If you get a chance gang, go out and like her Facebook Page